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First Story Windows started with a homeless man (Lamont) and a regular passerby (Stevieb). For years, Lamont would come from camp daily to encourage people in the town square, and Stevieb would walk or run by the town square. Noticing each other, Stevieb would stop to pause, listen, learn and lend a hand or advice from time to time. Over time, a friendship led to a bond, and the bond led to a brotherhood.

Lamont being a former window washer and Stevieb having business, technology and graphic skills, the friends decided to use their resources to help Lamont and other people around them to develop skills, serve people and earn a living. To this day, when you see the blue shirts, you can respect the extra effort someone is putting in to make themselves better.


This is how the First Story began.

First Story is about much more than windows. It's about people and the stories each of us have. Your story matters, every story matters, and it's not over yet. Among all the people in the world, the First Story Windows team is always looking for friends, partners, clients and donors.

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